Seven Sling B/W Paisley Print

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White flowing spirals with a twist of paisley on a deep black background makes this Indy print captivating! Black & white.

  • 97% Cotton 3% Lycra
  • Machine wash cold. Hang to dry.
  • Size SMALL


Use Seven™ Slings to carry full-term babies (over 37 weeks gestation) weighing 8 lbs or more with a maximum weight of 35 lbs (16kg).

When using a sling with a newborn, the most important safety issue is to ensure that the baby's airway is open at all times. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in injury or death.

Please follow the below rules when wearing a newborn:

- Baby should not be curled tight "chin to chest" as this position can close baby's airway. There should always be at least one finger's width of space under baby's chin when correctly positioned.

- NEVER allow a babies face to be pressed against the sling fabric. Regardless of how breathable a fabric may seem, if it is not easy for you to breathe through the fabric it will be difficult for your baby.

- Your baby should not be positioned so that her face is pressed tightly against your body. When breastfeeding, ensure that baby's nose is not blocked.

- Babies born with a low birth weight (under 6 lbs) or prematurely often have weak muscles as well as respiratory problems. It is best to wait until they are more developed before carrying them in a pouch baby sling.


Use common sense at all times while using and wearing your sling. Remember that your precious baby is inside and your sling is not a toy.


While placing your baby inside the sling, always be sure that you are supporting your baby with at least one arm at all times until you are certain that the baby is in place and the sling is correctly in place as well.


Be sure to keep your baby away from dangerous items while in the sling. Remember! Babies and toddlers love to reach and grab potentially dangerous items so pay attention to what your baby is doing at all times! Do not wear your baby while in the kitchen around hot or sharp items. Use caution!


When bending over, support the baby with one hand behind her back and bend at the knees and not the waist.

Use extreme caution when walking through doorways or around corners and furniture to be sure that your baby's body or head does not hit anything. Use your arm or hand to hold the baby extra close when walking in an area that is more confined.


Be aware of the activities that you are doing while wearing your baby. It is not a substitute for car seats or other safety devices. Sorry ladies! No extreme sports while wearing your baby!


Always check your sling over before placing your baby in it. Check the seams, look for any holes in the fabric or anything else due to wear and tear that may potentially cause harm to your baby if it was placed inside. You are responsible for your own baby's safety when using such an item so be diligent in protecting your baby!