Our Mission



  I am the proud mother of two beautiful, spirited, sassy and amazing daughters.  I enjoyed both of my pregnancies (except the 5 months of morning sickness), and all of the planning, dreaming and preparation that came with them, but as a career mom who needed clothing for every situation from business meetings to girls’ night out and dates with my husband, I quickly realized there were few affordable options.  I borrowed most of my maternity clothes from friends, and while grateful, I never felt like the fashion fit my personal style.  After witnessing my friends—and their friends—I learned many of us felt the same way about fashion options, price, and lack of resources in our area—why was it so hard to be fashionably pregnant on a budget?!  And with that realization, I envisioned the perfect motherhood lifestyle store with a unique shopping experience.  I knew in my heart this was an idea too wonderful to keep secret.  It was then that my mission was clear, and Belly Bean was, no pun intended, born.


  Owned by locals Rhett and Cassandra Bean, Belly Bean is proud to be the largest resale maternity store in NE FL & SE GA. The transition into Motherhood is a blessing but hard and expensive! Our hope is to help new moms keep their personal style and stay price savvy during pregnancy. It is crazy to pay expensive traditional retail prices on maternity clothes you'll only wear a few months! This is why Belly Bean's resale concept is loved by so many expecting moms. We offer a wide selection of affordable, on-trend maternity styles from many popular brands—both new and pre-loved—at up to 80% off regular retail.  Let us help you build the perfect wardrobe within your budget.  We guarantee you’ll feel confident—whether you want to keep your look professional, comfortable, casual, or playful—without breaking the bank!

  The beyond part of Belly Bean is after baby is born. We welcome you to the hood...MOTHERHOOD with fashionable, practical, and price savvy nursing items, baby/kids clothing and fun parenthood swag! 

And after your pregnancy, come back to Belly Bean—we want to buy back your pre-loved maternity items and help you find new clothing to flatter your post-baby body.  We believe in the circular fashion movement by keeping clothes in use.  As we say, “Do good for yourself and the world around you!” We’re ready to help you feel and look amazing! 


 As moms we truly are super heroes, and we strive to create an atmosphere that truly supports making motherhood easier. This is why Belly Bean collaborates with other mom-owned small businesses to offer products created by moms for moms. We are proud to be the exclusive retailer in our area for:

  • Juice Beauty—An all-organic skin care line that is safe to use during pregnancy and beyond
  • TeaNation—Herbal teas to help you get pregnant and support your body during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Sweetees Apparel—Ain’t no hood quite like motherhood and these wonderfully sassy t-shirts perfectly capture the essence of motherhood!
  • Greenlight Graphics—Trendy insulated cups are the perfect way to express your inner mom sass!