Nursing Arm Pillow

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2-in-1 PILLOW,infant sleep pillow;Also a travel arm nursing pillow for Breastfeeding

  • 100% Cotton,Filling:Pearl Wool

  • 100% cotton,High-quality environmentally friendly fabrics

  • Adjustable size for any size arm


  • Pillow and cover is removable and machine washable.

  • Easy to carry,It fits great in baby's diaper bag when you're on the go and you can also put it in your baby's stroller.

  • Age:0-18 months; Size:unfold 10 * 19.7inch; Fabric:100% Cotton,Filling:Pearl Wool


  • Relieve arm soreness, baby is more comfortable


  • With this nursing pillow your bony arm doesn’t dig into the back of baby’s head anymore, and you don’t have to spill milk on pillows either!


  • It is great for traveling if you know you're going to nurse while out and about.Like used it for a plane trip.