These essential breastfeeding supplies will help you stay in the flow and keep you and your baby happy!

Congratulations on making the decision to breastfeed your new baby. Not only can breast milk help prevent your baby from developing illnesses later in life, but it also contains the exact proportions of protein, fat, sugar, and water that your baby needs to grow. Now that you started your breastfeeding journey, you'll need a few breastfeeding supplies that all nursing mamas should keep in their storehouse.

  • A Comfortable Nursing Bra
  • A Stock of Reusable/Washable Nursing Pads
  • An Effective Breast Pump
  • Smoothing Nipple Cream- We have the best!
  • A Comfortable Nursing Pillow
  • Stylish Nursing Clothes
  • A Cute Breastfeeding Cover